Proceeding the International Seminar of Waste Management [1, Vol. 1]


Indonesia faces a great challenge due to a huge number of waste generated by domestic and industrial waste. It is estimated that Indonesia produces over 65 million tons of waste yearly, urged the government to create lots of programs to manage and reduce the waste with the tagline “Darurat Sampah” (read: Waste Emergency). Unfortunately, the massive number of waste might not be managed effectively and become threats to the quality of the environment. Many environmental problems due to the high number of waste have been reported all over Indonesia. Land, river, air, and sea which became “a horrifying plastic cloud” were affected and suddenly became a huge threat to people health. It requires every aspect, element, and stakeholder to sit together discussing what should be done and what part of work can we contribute to tackle this issue. Furthermore, it is believed we must ask ourselves ‘could this threat be an opportunity for us?’

This seminar aims to broaden our knowledge of sustainable waste management in Indonesia. It facilitates dialogue among stakeholders concern with waste management. Furthermore, it discusses the possibility of how an applied technology can transform the waste problem into opportunities where people can generate benefit from it.

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